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California Hydrocoral Fact Sheet
California Hydrocoral - 09-15-15
Lace Corals comes in some crazy bright colors, and the California Hydrocoral is a beauty!
Fire Coral Fact Sheet
Fire Coral - 09-15-15
   The Fire Coral is also known as a "stinging coral" because if touched it will produce a burning or stinging sensation!
Elegance Coral Fact Sheet
Elegance Coral - 12-26-13
   The Elegance Coral is one of the most beautiful corals available!
Clown Fish Anemones Fact Sheet
Clown Fish Anemone: 10 Clownfish Hosting Sea Anemone Species - 01-20-12
  Watching a clown fish and sea anemone living together is fascinating, because most fish simply become lunch!
Soft Coral Facts and Information Fact Sheet
Soft Coral Facts and Information - 12-20-11
   The Soft Corals are the softer, more flexible animals that provide an attractive visual compliment to reef landscapes all around the world!
Reef Tanks - Mini-Reef Aquarium Guide Fact Sheet
Reef Tanks - Mini-Reef Aquarium Guide - 10-12-11
Reef tanks, known as mini reef aquariums, can have just few gallons of water or several hundred!
Aiptasia Pests - Getting Rid of Glass Anemones Fact Sheet
Aiptasia Pests - Getting Rid of Glass Anemones - 06-10-11
   Aiptasia are often called 'weedy' anemones! They grow like weeds, take over the reef tank, and are very hard to control!
Colt Coral Fact Sheet
Colt Coral - 01-10-11
   The Colt Coral has heavy lumpy looking "fingers" covered with fluffy polyps, and they grow in all directions!
Flexible Leather Coral Fact Sheet
Flexible Leather Coral - 01-10-11
   The gentle sway of a Flexible Leather Coral has an almost hypnotic movement in the correct water flow!
Finger Leather Coral Fact Sheet
Finger Leather Coral - 01-10-11
   The Finger Leather Coral is easy to care for and will grow quickly, so needs plenty of room!