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Headstander Fact Sheet
Red Mouth Headstander - 04-20-16
The Red Mouth Headstander can assume an almost vertical position and flip upside down to grasp food from the substrate!
Fish Compatibility Chart Fact Sheet
Freshwater Fish Compatibility Chart - 04-17-16
Freshwater aquariums are really fun to keep when all the tank mates get along happily and are thriving!
Ornate Tetra Fact Sheet
Ornate Tetra - 02-21-16
The Ornate Tetra makes a pleasant and surprisingly pretty addition to community or biotope aquariums!
Neon Tetra Fact Sheet
Neon Tetra - 02-16-16
The Neon Tetra has been in the hobby for many years and is the most popular of all aquarium fishes!
Long Finned Black Tetra Fact Sheet
Long Finned Black Tetra - 02-10-16
The quick, darting movements of the Blackskirt Hifin Tetra defy the delicate nature of its fine, long fins!
Lemon Tetra Fact Sheet
Lemon Tetra - 02-09-16
The Lemon Tetra has a dynamic accent--a bright bold splash of yellow on its lower fin!
Diamond Tetra Fact Sheet
Diamond Tetra - 02-08-16
The Diamond Tetra sparkles like a diamond due to the opalescent shine of its scales!
Glowlight Tetra Fact Sheet
Glowlight Tetra - 02-08-16
The Glowlight Tetra is a beautiful fish with a glowing orange stripe across the center of its body!
Flame Tetra Fact Sheet
Flame Tetra - 02-08-16
The Flame Tetra, as its name suggests, has a very beautiful, fiery red coloring when it's happy!
Colored Skirt Tetra Fact Sheet
Colored Skirt Tetra - 12-29-15
The Colored Skirt Tetra beauty comes from the soft pastels of its naturally occurring colors!