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Glowlight Danio Fact Sheet
Glowlight Danio - 10-01-12
A beautifully striking species, a school of Glowlight Danios in a well designed tank is unforgettable!
Giant Danio Fact Sheet
Giant Danio - 09-01-12
The Giant Danio is aptly named, because it is two or three times the size of the other danios!
Golden Zebra Danio Fact Sheet
Golden Zebra Danio - 09-01-12
The Golden Zebra Danio is a lively, eye-catching aquarium favorite, with its striped pattern of gold and white!
Longfin Blue Danio Fact Sheet
Longfin Blue Danio - 09-01-12
The Longfin Blue Danio is a delightful fish colored in stippled silvery blue with long flowing fins!
Rummy-nose Tetra Fact Sheet
Rummy-nose Tetra - 09-01-12
The Rummy-nose Tetra can be a lively little fish... both colorful and active!
Salvini Cichlid Fact Sheet
Salvini Cichlid - 08-15-12
The Salvini Cichlid is known for dramatic changes in coloring over its life and becomes intensely attractive, sporting a very deep yellow with black markings!
Electric Eel Fact Sheet
Electric Eel - 08-03-12
The Electric Eel creates electricity, making it one of the most amazing creations of nature!
Golden Tinfoil Barb Fact Sheet
Golden Tinfoil Barb - 08-01-12
The Golden Tinfoil Barb is a brilliant and impressive fish for a large show aquarium!
Red-tail Tinfoil Barb Fact Sheet
Red-tail Tinfoil Barb - 08-01-12
Red-tail Tinfoil Barbs makes excellent additions to a large tank with other large, semi- peaceful inhabitants!
Neon Rosy Barb Fact Sheet
Neon Rosy Barb - 08-01-12
The Neon Rosy Barb is pretty and always on the move, a flash of active glowing color!