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Tropheops Red Cheek Fact Sheet
Tropheops Red Cheek - 02-07-13
The Tropheops Red Cheek is a very attractive fish and will create a good color mix in the Mbuna cichlid tank!
Blue Daktari Fact Sheet
Blue Daktari - 02-07-13
The Blue Daktari from Africa is also known as the Doctor's Fish, because in Swahili the term 'daktari' is said to mean 'doctor'!
Bumblebee Mouthbrooder Fact Sheet
Bumblebee Mouthbrooder - 02-07-13
The Bumblebee Mouthbrooder is a fish with a 'chameleon' ability, it can quickly change color from being yellow with stripes to almost black!
Pseudotropheus Barlowi Fact Sheet
Pseudotropheus Barlowi - 02-07-13
The spunky Pseudotropheus Barlowi, though only occasionally available today, has actually been around for quite some time!
Demanson's Cichlid - 02-07-13
The Demanson's Cichlid is a fish with a curious nature that is sought after for its bright colors and crisp patterning!
Red Zebra Fact Sheet
Red Zebra - 02-07-13
The Red Zebra is one of the most popular and commonly kept of the African Cichlids!
Kenyi Cichlid Fact Sheet
Kenyi Cichlid - 02-07-13
The Kenyi Cichlid is easy to please as long as its requirements are met, making it a great fish for a Malawi cichlid tank!
Moonlight Gourami Fact Sheet
Moonlight Gourami - 02-07-13
The temperament of the Moonlight Gourami is often debated, but one thing aquarists can agree on is the intoxicating beauty of this fish!
Pearl Gourami Fact Sheet
Pearl Gourami - 02-05-13
The gorgeous Pearl Gourami has earned its name from the beautiful iridescent 'pearl' patterning!
Maulana Bicolor Peacock Fact Sheet
Maulana Bicolor Peacock - 02-04-13
The Maulana Bicolor Peacock is a real eye-catcher, standing out with its striking contrast of bright yellow and blue!