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Marwari Fact Sheet
Marwari - 01-04-10
  The color of the Marwari is as important in this breed as is its forthright presence and arrogant bearing!
Horse History Fact Sheet
Horse History - 10-03-09
There is only one surviving prehistoric horse, it is the Przewalski Horse and is the oldest breed of horse today!
Horse Training Fact Sheet
Horse Training - 10-03-09
Horseback riding for recreation, or even as an Olympic equestrian, requires dedicated horse training!
Horse Health Fact Sheet
Horse Health - 10-03-09
You can help avoid horse health issues by paying close attention to your pet, and by providing good horse care!
Horse Activities Fact Sheet
Horse Activities - 10-03-09
Horses are large active animals that need a good amount of exercise every day to stay health and fit!
Horse Colors Fact Sheet
Horse Colors - 10-03-09
All horses have coat colors, but those known as the ‘color breeds’ are actually bred for their equine colors!
Horse Class Fact Sheet
Horse Class - 10-03-09
Classification of a horse is a multi-pronged system, allowing each breed to belong to several types of horse class!
Shetland Pony Fact Sheet
Shetland Pony - 10-03-09
  Shetland Pony is the strongest horse for its size and can pull up to twice its own weight!