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Red Gorgonian Fact Sheet
Red Gorgonian - 01-05-16
The tall and elegant Red Gorgonian is a coral that can grow from the bottom to the top of your tank!
Colored Skirt Tetra Fact Sheet
Colored Skirt Tetra - 12-29-15
The Colored Skirt Tetra beauty comes from the soft pastels of its naturally occurring colors!
Cardinal Tetra Fact Sheet
Cardinal Tetra - 12-29-15
The startling coloration of the Cardinal Tetra is all natural and arguably unsurpassed by any other freshwater fish!
Congo Tetra Fact Sheet
Congo Tetra - 12-29-15
The Congo Tetra has opalescent scales that shine in all the colors of the rainbow!
Buenos Aires Tetra Fact Sheet
Buenos Aires Tetra - 12-29-15
One of the easiest fish to keep, the Buenos Aires Tetra is great for the beginning aquarist!
Black Pacu Fact Sheet
Black Pacu - 12-28-15
The Black Pacu may be a member of the Characin family, but it's nothing like the average Tetra!
African Tiger Fish Fact Sheet
African Tiger Fish - 12-28-15
The African Tiger Fish is a characin, but it certainly is not your typical aquarium tetra!
Coral Red Pencilfish  Fact Sheet
Coral Red Pencilfish - 12-28-15
The brilliant reds of the Coral Red Pencilfish make it an exciting addition to an aquarium!
Bleeding Heart Tetra Fact Sheet
Bleeding Heart Tetra - 12-28-15
The blotch of bright red color on its side, often in the shape of a heart, gives the Bleeding Heart Tetra its memorable name!
Black Tetra Fact Sheet
Black Tetra - 12-28-15
First introduced into the United States in the 1930s, the Blackskirt Tetra is one of the most popular aquarium fish!