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Cockatoo Cichlid Fact Sheet
Cockatoo Cichlid - 06-28-12
The Cockatoo Cichlid is quite attractive and one of the most readily available Apisto cichlids!
Oscar Fact Sheet
Oscar - 06-21-12
A classic in every sense of the term, the Oscar Cichlid has long been heralded as one of the most spectactular and iconic of the aquarium fish!
Panda Dwarf Cichlid Fact Sheet
Panda Dwarf Cichlid - 06-20-12
A wonderful 'panda bear' colored and patterned fish, the Panda Dwarf Cichlid makes for a great community fish!
Rainbow Cichlid Fact Sheet
Rainbow Cichlid - 06-19-12
A small, peaceful, and colorful cichlid, the Rainbow Cichlid is a hugely popular and desirable fish!
Garibaldi Fact Sheet
Garibaldi - 06-16-12
The Garibaldi Damselfish is big and bold, in both its rich orange color and its attitude!
Black Belt Cichlid Fact Sheet
Black Belt Cichlid - 06-14-12
With its docile temperament and unique white, black, and red coloring the Black Belt Cichlid makes for an intriguing and beautiful foray into fishkeeping!
Piranha Fact Sheet
Piranha - 06-10-12
The fascinating Piranhas grab our attention with their ferocious nature and lend a thrill to fiction with fantasized "Piranha attacks"!
Clown Knifefish Fact Sheet
Clown Knifefish - 05-31-12
The beautiful Clown Knifefish is probably aquarist's most favored species of knifefish!
Humphead Glassfish Fact Sheet
Humphead Glassfish - 05-18-12
The Humphead Glassfish is an odd looking fish that has become an instant success story!
Mono Fish Fact Sheet
Mono Fish - 05-17-12
The Mono Fish is a shiny diamond shaped fish that's perfect for the brackish water aquarium!