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Iridescent Shark Fact Sheet
Iridescent Shark - 04-13-12
Iridescent Shark Catfish are very graceful, elegant swimmers and beautiful fish to watch!
Four-Lined Pimelodus Fact Sheet
Four-Lined Pimelodus - 04-12-12
The Four-lined Pimelodus is a peaceful fish as long as its tank mates are too big for it to eat!
Shire Fact Sheet
Shire - 04-11-12
  The magnificent Shire is powerful and muscular, and is the tallest breed of horse!
Horse Care Fact Sheet
Horse Care - 04-11-12
Good horse care leads to a strong, interactive and healthy horse and an enjoyable long lived companion!
Wolf Cichlid Fact Sheet
Wolf Cichlid - 04-11-12
The Wolf Cichlid is a predatory and beautiful fish that really captures the spirit and majesty of its namesake!
Banjo Catfish Fact Sheet
Banjo Catfish - 04-10-12
The Banjo Catfish is a curious fish, with a curious name that describes its shape!
Peppered Corydoras Fact Sheet
Peppered Corydoras - 04-05-12
Peppered Cories are delightful little fish that help keep the bottom of the aquarium clean by eating up leftover foods!
Heckel Discus Fact Sheet
Heckel Discus - 04-05-12
The Heckel Discus is the most distinctive and easily recognized of the discus cichlids!
Uaru Cichlid Fact Sheet
Uaru Cichlid - 04-03-12
The Uaru Cichlid is best known for its unique triangle shape, incredible intelligence and impressive spawning colors!
Spotted Green Puffer Fact Sheet
Spotted Green Puffer - 04-02-12
The Spotted Green Puffer is a very popular attraction and the most commonly available freshwater puffer fish!