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Clown Barb Fact Sheet
Clown Barb - 08-01-12
The Clown Barb certainly looks rather clownish with its big polka dots on a reddish gold body!
Green Tiger Barb Fact Sheet
Green Tiger Barb - 08-01-12
The Green Tiger Barb is a very lively fish and one of the most striking Tiger Barb varieties!
Rosy Barb Fact Sheet
Rosy Barb - 08-01-12
The lively Rosy Barb is "color in motion" with its metallic rosy cast and continuous swimming!
Tinfoil Barb Fact Sheet
Tinfoil Barb - 08-01-12
The adult Tinfoil Barb makes an impressive and beautiful display, but needs a very large aquarium!
Midas Cichlid Fact Sheet
Midas Cichlid - 07-12-12
Known for its high variety of colors and a showstopping appearance, the Midas Cichlid is a guaranteed eye-catcher in any aquarium!
Flag Cichlid Fact Sheet
Flag Cichlid - 07-11-12
The Flag Cichlid or Festivum is a "merry" and very distinguished long-time aquarium pet!
Nicaragua Cichlid Fact Sheet
Nicaragua Cichlid - 07-11-12
With its brilliant array of colors, the Nicaragua Cichlid is possibly the most beautiful of the Central American cichlids!
Peacock Cichlid Fact Sheet
Peacock Cichlid - 07-10-12
Due to its unusual size and shape, the Peacock Cichlid is often mistaken for a bass, but don't be fooled!
Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Fact Sheet
Electric Blue Jack Dempsey - 07-09-12
The Electric Blue Jack Dempsey is one of the bluest tropical fish, and it is definitely one of the most beautiful!
Altum Angelfish Fact Sheet
Altum Angelfish - 07-08-12
The Altum Angelfish is very pretty and peaceful cichlid, despite its large size!