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Garibaldi Fact Sheet
Garibaldi - 06-17-12
The Garibaldi Damselfish is big and bold, both in its rich orange color and its attitude!
Black Belt Cichlid Fact Sheet
Black Belt Cichlid - 06-14-12
With its docile temperament and unique white, black, and red coloring the Black Belt Cichlid makes for an intriguing and beautiful foray into fishkeeping!
Piranha Fact Sheet
Piranha - 06-10-12
The fascinating Piranhas grab our attention with their ferocious nature and lend a thrill to fiction with fantasized "Piranha attacks"!
Clown Knifefish Fact Sheet
Clown Knifefish - 05-31-12
The beautiful Clown Knifefish is probably aquarist's most favored species of knifefish!
Humphead Glassfish Fact Sheet
Humphead Glassfish - 05-18-12
The Humphead Glassfish is an odd looking fish that has become an instant success story!
Mono Fish Fact Sheet
Mono Fish - 05-17-12
The Mono Fish is a shiny diamond shaped fish that's perfect for the brackish water aquarium!
Spotted Scat Fact Sheet
Spotted Scat - 05-17-12
The Spotted Scat is one of the friendliest and most popular brackish water fish available!
Siamese Tiger Fish Fact Sheet
Siamese Tiger Fish - 05-16-12
The Gold Datnoid has long been an industry favorite, and just one look at this healthy large fish says it all!
Blackbanded Sunfish Fact Sheet
Blackbanded Sunfish - 05-15-12
The Blackbanded Sunfish is an attractive fish, native to the United States, that can be kept in an unheated aquarium!
Banded Archerfish Fact Sheet
Banded Archerfish - 05-15-12
The Archer Fish is a fish renowned for its ability to “shoot” down its prey with a forceful stream of water, ...definitely one of Mother Nature’s wonders!