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Golden Butterflyfish Fact Sheet
Golden Butterflyfish - 01-01-13
The Golden Butterflyfish is a beautiful attraction as a marine pet and is also very popular among divers!
Indian Butterflyfish Fact Sheet
Indian Butterflyfish - 01-01-13
The Indian Butterflyfish has a striking color pattern resembling a fanciful headdress!
Pakistani Butterflyfish Fact Sheet
Pakistan Butterflyfish - 01-01-13
The Pakistan Butterflyfish is a beauty noted for its pretty red tail, so is also known as the Redtail Butterflyfish!
Merten's Butterflyfish - 01-01-13
The Merten's Butterflyfish is a popular fish, yet there are two other species that look almost the same!
Peppered Butterflyfish Fact Sheet
Peppered Butterflyfish - 01-01-13
The Peppered Butterflyfish is a pretty little thing... sprinkled with pepper-like spots!
Zebra Danio Fact Sheet
Zebra Danio - 11-29-12
The Zebra Danio is a popular aquarium fish favored for its charm and grace, and above all for its hardiness!
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Fact Sheet
Cardigan Welsh Corgi - 11-28-12
   The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is one of the oldest of the herding dog breeds!
Tiger Barb Fact Sheet
Tiger Barb - 11-16-12
The flashy Tiger Barb is very colorful and a real lively, fun to watch fish!
Breeding Freshwater Fish Fact Sheet
Breeding Freshwater Fish - 10-16-12
Fish breeding is one of the most exciting and interesting aspects of being an aquarium keeper!
Texas Cichlid Fact Sheet
Texas Cichlid - 10-10-12
Named after the state where it originates, the Texas Cichlid is the only naturally occuring cichlid from the United States!