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Colored Skirt Tetra Fact Sheet
Colored Skirt Tetra - 07-01-12
The Colored Skirt Tetra is a beauty in the soft pastels of its naturally occurring colors!
Long Finned Black Tetra Fact Sheet
Long Finned Black Tetra - 07-01-12
The quick darting movements of the Blackskirt Hifin Tetra defies the delicate nature of its fine long fins!
Rosy tetra Fact Sheet
Rosy tetra - 07-01-12
The beautiful Rosy Tetra is a cheerful, active little fish that's great for a community aquarium!
Ornate Tetra Fact Sheet
Ornate Tetra - 07-01-12
The Ornate Tetra is pleasant and surprisingly pretty, great for community or biotope aquariums!
Cardinal Tetra Fact Sheet
Cardinal Tetra - 07-01-12
The startling coloration of the Cardinal Tetra is all natural, and arguably unsurpassed in freshwater fish!
Bleeding Heart Tetra Fact Sheet
Bleeding Heart Tetra - 07-01-12
A blotch of bright red color on its side, often in the shape of a heart. gives the Bleeding Heart Tetra its memorable name!
Golden Tetra Fact Sheet
Golden Tetra - 07-01-12
The Golden Tetra looks like it has been sprayed with gold paint all over it's body!
Congo Tetra Fact Sheet
Congo Tetra - 07-01-12
The Congo Tetra has opalescent scales that shine in all the colors of the rainbow!
Diamond Tetra Fact Sheet
Diamond Tetra - 07-01-12
The Diamond Tetra sparkles like a diamond due to the opalescent shine of its scales!
Common Hatchetfish Fact Sheet
Common Hatchetfish - 07-01-12
The Common Hatchetfish is not only an interesting looking fish... but a freshwater fish that can fly!