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Griffis Angelfish - 05-22-13
The Griffis Angelfish is unusual and quite rare, and so this exotic aquarium fish commands a high price!
Red Sea Angelfish Fact Sheet
Red Sea Angelfish - 05-16-13
The Red Sea Angelfish is a very curious, cheeky fish that will often approach divers in the wild... to within 3 feet!
Types of Pets Fact Sheet
Types of Pets - 05-14-13
   Finding "what pet is right for me", is the key to fun and successful pet ownership!
French Angelfish Fact Sheet
French Angelfish - 05-14-13
The French Angelfish is not only attractive, but has a friendly disposition with its keeper!
Blue-girdled Angelfish Fact Sheet
Blue-girdled Angelfish - 05-09-13
   This Blue-girdled Angelfish is probably the shyest of angelfish, but one of the most beautiful!
Emperor Angelfish Fact Sheet
Emperor Angelfish - 05-09-13
The handsome Emperor Angelfish is the best known of all the saltwater angelfish!  Looking at the attached video of a juvenile in a 180 gallon, then the same fish 3 years later as an adult in 400 gallon tank shows how they reward their owners with great coloring in a properly sized tank!
Blue-faced Angelfish Fact Sheet
Blue-faced Angelfish - 05-09-13
   The Blue-faced Angelfish is one of the most beautiful angelfish in the ocean, making any artist envious!
Arabian Angelfish Fact Sheet
Arabian Angelfish - 05-08-13
The Arabian Angelfish has the beauty and endearing personality that we all look for in a pet fish!
Multicolor Angelfish Fact Sheet
Multicolor Angelfish - 05-08-13
The Multicolor Angelfish is one of the most unique dwarf angels, unusual in both looks and behaviors!
Potter's Pygmy Angelfish - 05-08-13
The Potter's Angelfish is a beautiful and breathtaking pygmy Angelfish found only in Hawaii!