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Saddleback Clownfish Fact Sheet
Saddleback Clownfish - 02-04-14
The Saddleback Clownfish is quite distinctive, it looks just like a fish with a "saddle"!
Sebae Clownfish Fact Sheet
Sebae Clownfish - 01-28-14
he Sebae Clownfish is probably one of the best known, but most seldom seen of the anemonefish!
Elegance Coral Fact Sheet
Elegance Coral - 12-26-13
   The Elegance Coral is one of the most beautiful corals available!
True Percula Clownfish Fact Sheet
True Percula Clownfish - 09-29-13
The True Percula Clownfish is a favorite of many marine aquarists, and it now comes in more than 5 different varieties!
Common or False Percula Clownfish Fact Sheet
Common or False Percula Clownfish - 09-25-13
Will the real Nemo please swim forward!  Yes, the Ocellaris or False Percula Clownfish is the real Nemo!
Maroon Clownfish Fact Sheet
Maroon Clownfish - 09-24-13
The Maroon Clownfish is a one-of-a-kind, strikingly beautiful but can be “meaner than a junkyard dog”!
Allard's Clownfish - 09-17-13
The Allard's Clownfish is a good, hardy fish, but is a bit hard to find and can be a little pricey!
Oman Anemonefish Fact Sheet
Oman Anemonefish - 09-11-13
The Oman Anemonefish is one of the largest and rarest clownfish, and definitely a prize worth seeking!
Banded Clownfish Fact Sheet
Clarkii Clownfish - 09-10-13
The Clark's Clownfish is a showy anemonefish that is hardy and easily kept in the home aquarium!
Three-band Clownfish Fact Sheet
Three-band Clownfish - 09-03-13
Three-band Anemonefish are sturdy clownfish that can get quite large, adults can reach over 5 inches!