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Curlique Anemone Fact Sheet
Curlique Anemone - 05-25-17
The Curlique Anemone is very attractive, but quick to disappear if bothered!
Painted Anemone Fact Sheet
Painted Anemone - 05-24-17
The Painted Anemone looks like it was touched by an artist's brush!
White-Spotted Rose Anemone Fact Sheet
White-Spotted Rose Anemone - 05-23-17
The beautiful White-Spotted Rose Anemone is truly a 'flower of the sea'!
Dahlia Anemone Fact Sheet
Dahlia Anemone - 11-16-16
The Dahlia Anemone sets itself apart from its cousins by a preference for cracks and crevices!
Fish Eating Anemone Fact Sheet
Fish Eating Anemone - 11-16-16
The Fish Eating Anemone is the largest of the Urticina genus, but is actually the most delicate!
Christmas Anemone Fact Sheet
Christmas Anemone - 11-15-16
The Christmas Anemone is one of the beautiful Urticina anemones likened to "flowers of the sea!"
Trumpet Anemone Fact Sheet
Trumpet Anemone - 11-14-16
The Trumpet Anemone is a distinctive, colorful Aiptasia, but unique as a cold water species!
North Sea Tube Anemone Fact Sheet
North Sea Tube Anemone - 11-03-16
The pretty North Sea Tube Anemone offers a great display option for a large cold water aquarium!
Tube Anemone Fact Sheet
Tube Anemone - 11-03-16
The Tube Anemone burrows so only its crown is visible, and if disturbed, it will instantly retract!
North American Tube Anemone Fact Sheet
North American Tube Anemone - 11-02-16
The North American Tube Anemone is a deep water species, found at depths down to 227 feet (70 m)!