Black-bar Chromis

Black Back Chromis ~ Black-bar Puller

Family: Pomacentridae Picture of a Black-bar Chromis, Chromis retrofasciataChromis retrofasciata
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I like them very much but it is very incredible it is nowhere to find them in CHINA! along its coast do they inhabit naturally! In a reef tank they are very... (more)  M. Woodhill

   For either a beginner or more advanced marine aquarium enthusiast, the Black-bar Chromis is a hardy, inexpensive and gorgeous fish!

   The Black-bar Chromis has such a delicate balance of color! A pronounced horizontal black stripe over it's posterior set against a yellowish to tan body. Then there is just a subtle touch of neon blue encircling the eye and etched along the bottom fins and the underside of the tail!

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Geographic Distribution
Chromis retrofasciata
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  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Actinopterygii
  • Order: Perciformes
  • Family: Pomacentridae
  • Genus: Chromis
  • Species: retrofasciata
Black Bar Chromis in Leather Coral, Chromis retrofasciata
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Very cool video of the Black Bar Chromis hosting a coral.

Clownfish are not the only fish that host cool stuff! The Black Bar Chromis will also host coral, especially white they are young. Although the Black-Bar Chromis is not as aggressive as other damsels, there are a few ways to bring out their "inner demon!" One way is by putting them into a small tank. Housing them along in a 20 gallon tank is one thing, but adding a peaceful goby to that 20 gallon tank will result in a dead goby. If you want to add other fish, provide at least 40 to 55 gallons with a lot of places to hide. Want to add more damsels in the same size/temperament range? Figure on another 25 gallons per additional fish. Unless the tank is 100 gallons, do not house them with clownfish. Another way to tick them off is to underfeed them, so be sure to feed them several times a day. Everything may be fine when they are juveniles, but as they grow into adults over the next year, their real nature will emerge.

Black Bar Chromis, Chromis retrofasciata
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Brief video of juvenile Chromis retrofasciata for sale.

This is a video that sort of gives beginner aquarists the idea that packing a bunch of damsels in a small tank can work. Well, it can work, for about a month, then as they grow they will pick each other off. Same goes for mixing damsels. For one of the Black Bar Chromis, Chromis retrofasciata, a 20 gallon tank is fine if there are no other fish. If you want to add other chromis or damsels, add at a rate of 50 gallons per fish. While juveniles and subadults may get along, once pairs start to form and/or they get older, other fish, in the mind of a fish, must die! If you want one and you would like to house them with other fish, the fish should be semi-aggressive, larger and he tank should be at least 40 to 55 gallons.

Habitat: Natural geographic location:    The Black-bar Chromis are found in the Indo-Australian Archipelago including Indonesia, Palau, Philippines, New Guinea, New Britain, Fiji Islands and northern Great Barrier Reef. Found at depths from 16 - 213 feet (5 to 65 meters), it inhabits lagoons and outer coral reefs.

Status:    These fish are not listed on the IUCN Red List.

Maintenance difficulty:    The Black-bar Chromis is among the easiest of all marine fish to keep.

Maintenance:    This fish will readily eat all kinds of live, frozen, and flake foods and algae. Finely chopped meaty foods (like brine shrimp) can be fed regularly. It is best to feed small amounts several times a day. In a reef situation they don't really need to be fed very often at all.

Foods:    All kinds. See "maintenance" above.

Social Behaviors:    Like all damselfish, they can be territorial and aggressive, especially as they get older. Can be kept together and with other larger fish but watch them closely to be sure their aggression doesn't become destructive.

Sex: Sexual differences:    Not Known.

Light: Recommended light levels:    No special requirements.

Breeding/Reproduction:    Some of the damselfish have been bred in captivity. See general breeding techniques under Clownfish on the marine breeding page.

Temperature:    No special requirements.

Length/Diameter of fish:    Black-bar Chromis adults can grow to 4 cm ( 1.6 inches).

Minimum Tank Length/Size:    A minimum 10 gallon aquarium is recommended if this is the only fish to be kept in it.

Water Movement: Weak, Moderate, Strong    No special requirements.

Water Region: Top, Middle, Bottom    Swims at all levels of the aquarium.

Availability:    This fish is readily available.

Author: David Brough. CFS.
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