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Family: Leporidae Picture of Polish Rabbit babies!Oryctolagus cuniculusPhoto © Animal-World: Courtesy David Brough
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How much do polish dwarf rabbits cost ?????????Do poliisgh dwarf rabbits bite much?  Julia Torti

   If you want a very nice but small pet bunny, the Polish Rabbit makes an excellent choice!

   There are two distinct types of Polish Rabbits: The Britannia Petite (British Polish), and the American Polish. These are both very small rabbits. The British Petite is the tinier of the two, weighing only about 2 1/2 pounds, while the American Polish is a little larger weighing closer to 3 1/2 pounds. Pictured above are American Polish Rabbit babies that are about 5 weeks old.

   Polish Rabbits are very intelligent little bunnies. They can follow voice commands and hand signals, which they learn mostly through repetition. The Polish Rabbit, along with the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit, is one of the most common small animal breeds used by Magicians for their magic acts. Magicians use them because they are not only small and smart, but they have the right temperament for performing. They are also not afraid of children and enjoy being petted by them!

   Polish Rabbits are friendly and affectionate. They are ideal for children to handle with their smaller hands, as well as for people with coordination difficulties. Their small size makes them easy to feed and house as well.

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  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Lagomorpha
  • Family: Leporidae
  • Genus: Oryctolagus
  • Species: cuniculus
Polish Rabbits

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Polish Rabbits

Polish Rabbit Litter - 3 Weeks

Background:    The British Polish rabbit is the original rabbit that was termed a "dwarf". They were first recognized in Hull, Yorkshire in 1884.
   American Polish rabbits are larger than their British counterparts. They originate from British Polish rabbits, but also have other small-rabbit genes mixed in (such as the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit).

Description:    British Polish rabbits are very petite, and compact, with a maximum weight of 2.5 pounds.
   American Polish rabbits, larger than their British counterparts, have an upper weight closer to 3.5 pounds, and have longer ears than the Netherlands.

Color differences:    The British Polish rabbit: In the USA, the only color accepted for showing is albino (white with red eyes), but in Britain, many more colors are accepted.
   The American Polish rabbit: Their colors include black, blue, and chocolate with generally matching color eyes, and white with ruby or blue eyes.

   Check with the American Rabbit Breeders Association for acceptable colors if you are thinking of having a Polish Rabbit for showing rather than just as a pet.

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Julia Torti - 2011-10-07
How much do polish dwarf rabbits cost ?????????Do poliisgh dwarf rabbits bite much?

  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-07
    Polish cost around $25 normally and they are pretty easy going. Not bitey but like to taste your fingers when little. Not biting just more like a pup licks you.
  • Judy - 2014-08-09
    I have 2 polish and I bought them for $30
linda gilmore - 2004-08-23
we have a beautiful, fat, butterscotch, fuzzy lop named angus who is 10 years old and spoiled rotten. the other day my husband and daughter went biking down the local community college where everyone dumps their rabbits. they brought home a sickly, hurt polish dwarf. we went to our local rabbit lady to try to bring him back to life and hopefully get adopted. the rabbit lady is stretched very thin, financially, emotionally and physically trying to help these poor animals. she gets no support from the city, community college or animal control when she tries to keep these rabbits from reproducing or being maimed and killed out in the streets . she loves rabbits and probably knows more than a vet does. (sorry to the vets but she does) what happens to these animals is horrible. they are attacked by dogs,ferral cats,vultures,other rabbits or run over. people are better off taking their pets to the animals shelters to be put to sleep than dumping them somewhere to fend for themselves. i wish there was more we could do to help the rabbit lady. after one visit to the rabbit lady, he is doing much better and we are going to be foster parents to this new rabbit until someone adopts him and takes good care of him.

Mr. YNOT - 2010-03-16
I would like to know when the female rabbits are ready to have babies.

  • LUVURBUNS - 2011-09-06
    They reach sexual maturity (AKA adulthood) at about 6 months (They are recongnized as adults but that does not mean that they are actually able to breed) it depends on their lineage.
John Greenwood - 2009-05-24
I have a pair of Polish Rabbits , they are sisters , our problem is one sister keeps biting the other pulling its hair out leaving a sore. We have separated them at this time to prevent more problems and Velvet is healing well.
Is this normal behavior and is there anything we can do to help them get along so they can stay together?
They have an outside hutch as well as inside.
Any suggestions?

  • Er Korbel - 2011-09-06
    I know this is a few years late, but it's my first time on the site. I came across your posting and felt compelled to respond in case it benefits someone else looking for the same type of answer. From what I have read, females are more territorial then males. Yes, I was surprised to read this while doing my research for my own rabbit the last few months. That is why they say when breeding bunnies to never leave a male and female together (unless they are fixed) because the female is aggressive towards the male because she will claim the space. You are supposed to take the female to the males cage never the other way around. In your case, it sounds like the female is a lot more aggressive and territorial then your other female. You didn't list if they were fixed or not, so this may not apply if they are indeed fixed. However, they have also stated in many sites I've read that if a rabbit is anxious, aggressive, etc before getting fixed it make them permanently that way after they are fixed. The best way to have a bunny fixed is to make sure they are comfortable, not anxious and in a good place temperamentally before having them fixed. However from the information you shared it sounds like a territory issue and the one rabbit is being aggressive towards your other bunny. I hope this helps someone that may be having the same issue and is looking for answers. As for you, i hope this situation has been resolved. Take care!
  • LUVURBUNS - 2011-09-06
    I would NOT recommend getting them fixed unless you have a vet that specializes in rabbits around you. DO NOT DO IT IF YOU DO NOT! If the vet is NOT knoledgable on rabbits HE COULD KILL UR RABBIT!!! BE CAREFUL!
Lisa Catherine - 2012-08-07
Does anyone have any experience with a 7 year old dwarf polish rabbit who has become aggressive? He is not fixed and has started attacking the broom and biting.......would appreciate any feedback.

  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-07
    Good guess is he agression would go away if you neutered him.  You do need a vet that knows what they are doing though.

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