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The Veiled Chameleon is designed, in body shape and color changing ability, to mimic leaves!
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Ken - 2011-12-12
My 11 month old male veiled chamelion has a protrusion from its anal area about an inch long that looks like a blood filled sack followed by a short protrusion of skin. Do you know what this might be. It has not withdrawn into it's body and has only been out for a few hours. Thanks for any info you can give me.

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  • Dakk - 2012-02-24
    Did you find out what was wrong with your cham? I am having the same problem with mine.
  • Dan Krull - 2012-04-07
    This is called a prolapse. Prolapse means that some internal organ has slipped out of the body through the cloaca. (poop hole)

    With an adult male veiled you could have a hemipenal prolapse. (His sex organ has prolapsed, or everted)

    Or a cloacal/rectal prolapse. (the bottom bit of his digestive tract has come out)

    If it goes back in within a few minutes, don't worry. He probably just everted his hemipene. Not unusual. They can also temporarily prolapse the cloaca when defecating.

    IF IT DOESN'T GO BACK IN: Take him to the vet. This is a potentially fatal condition. If the hemipene will not retract, it will likely have to be removed.

    Hope that helps.

Marcus - 2010-12-15
Can somebody please help my yeama chameleon just layed a batch of eggs and i dont no what to do, how do i look after them properly there is about 35 eggs? Can i handle them with my hands or do i use somthing else.Please Please some 1 HELP ME THANKS MARCUS

jendri - 2007-02-13
veiled chameleons are cool! i wish i had two. i like how its eyes move around.

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  • ? - 2010-06-17
    I like that too!
CJ - 2008-02-25
I owned a male veiled chameleon from a young baby, and had it for a very long time until it died of old age. Highly recommended for people who are new to owning chameleons.