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   Bobby is a male Plum-headed parakeet. The Plum-headed female has a gray head and the male's head is grayish purple or plum colored... thus the name Plum-headed!
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Fern - 2006-07-14
I purchased a Plum Head from a local pet store a couple of months ago when it was 2 months old. The cage I first put it in had sliding openings for the feeding cups and main entry. This was just going to be a temporary cage until I bought a larger one later on. I heard a banging sound coming from the room I kept the bird in. When I went to investigate I found that it was trying to open these doors! It would pull on the top of the door and when it let go, the door made a banging sound. It took only one day for this bird to figure this out! So they are very smart. I went out immediately to buy that larger cage with a lock.

I've had the bird for a couple of months now and it is already trying to mimick me. I say 'hello, hello I'm Blaze' and although I do not hear words, the bird is mimicking my adulation when I say this. I talk to it and it 'answers' back. When puchased young, I find this bird likes to be handled (the first week it just flew off my finger) and I can stroke it from head to tail. I say they make an excellent companion!

eric - 2006-06-15
I have had him for almost two years now and can honestly say I will never part from him. He has a 10 or 15 word vocabulary and says more phrases than words. He is also extremely intelligent, loves to spend time with me, and always preens me. He is very sweet and even gentle. If you are contemplating on getting a plum head do not hesitate. They are beautiful and are wonderful pets. They can make beautiful calling sounds and some less pleasant sounds but my guy is not even as loud as a cockatiel and definitely no where near as loud as conures. (People say they do not make good pets because they have not spent enough time with a plum head to make it one.)Angelo is my plum head's name and I hope everyone could experience the joy of owning a lovable plum head.

cole wilson - 2006-03-23
your bird pictures are so striking in beauty i come to your wbsite everyday to learn more about parakeets because i am thinking of getting some later in life.

from your favorite fan of this website cole wilson

janelle - 2005-11-05
I lost my little girl, and she was the love of my life, i miss her everyday and i can still hear her loud shreiking in my head. no other bird will ever replace her and i hope she is happy and well whereever she may be right now, she has her freedom now.

Jackie - 2005-04-13
A friend of mine lost his plum head hen, but the cock has bonded with a Quaker parrot. I think these birds are beautiful but they are still quite rare and hard to find, as my friend would love to find his bird a partner.

eric - 2005-03-11
I love my little guy. He is a wonderful pet very loving and a clown in his cage. He loves to sit on your finger and listen intently to every word you say. He says a few words but he is only ten months old so I consider him a good talker. If you want a plum head make sure you have plenty of time for them because the more you handle and play with them the sweeter they become.

Avin - 2005-02-24
Never keep these birds in a cage. They will suffer tremendously. If you want to keep them provide them with spacious aviaries and they will be at their best. Please do not keep wild caught birds of this species as they are getting rarer by the day.