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   Bobby is a male Plum-headed parakeet. The Plum-headed female has a gray head and the male's head is grayish purple or plum colored... thus the name Plum-headed!
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jennifer - 2012-07-15
Hi I am looking for a young, hand fed plumhead parakeet male. If anyone has any available please provide a phone number or email so I can contact you. Thank you

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  • priyanka - 2016-05-15
    Plum head parrot Jody 5500 only my no is 7841983386
  • gourav - 2016-06-26
    I have plum head parrots 8684850001
Patty - 2010-02-08
I'm looking for the plum-headed parakeet, they are sweet. So anyone who has this bird, please send me a e-mail. Thank you so much. I have a great home for these sweeties. Be blessed, patty

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  • Oziel Perez - 2010-12-06
    We currently have these available at ricks pet shop in McAllen Tx .
  • tom - 2012-05-02
    Hi there Patty, I have six babys in nest will be ready to go in five weeks
  • trace - 2012-05-11
    Tom how much are you charging for your Plum heads and where are you located.
marg - 2015-11-14
I have a plum headed parrakeet pair that have had their 2nd clutch of eggs as normal their first clutch was no good.She has been in the nest since the 18th of october only coming out every now and then for a few minutes and back in.I have checked and their are 5 or 6 eggs in the corner of the nesting box I have not touched them or disturbed them as I know plum headed parakeets can be touchy and abandon their nest easily so I only glanced through the hole in the nesting box while she was out eating.But they are not hatching and it seems to be time by my estimation but I have never bred them before only cockatiels?So does anyone out there know and is an experienced breeder as breeders here are secretive and keep their info to themselves.Also I have just discovered mice have gotten in through a bale of hay brought for my bantum chooks that are in the chook house beside my plumhead avairy and have burrowed up between the pavers and stones in the bottom of the avairy and chook house as I have sand in there for their sand bathing and diamatious earth and I,m wondering if these mice have disrupted her nesting and scared her at nightime off her nest and the eggs have been damaged but she just keeps sitting on them and they are no good as I have been out at nightime and seen these mice running all over the place even along their perches but I don,t think they can reach the nest box as its up on the wall not near any perches,What do I do?I have blocked off all the holes filled them in with more paving stones and rocks and baited the mice so they can,t get in anymore.But how do I know if her eggs are ok or not?

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  • Khurram - 2016-01-17
    their incubation time is 23-24 days so be patient , , donot disturb them,,, best of luck for new born babies ,,,
Phoebe - 2015-12-07
Hi I'm Phoebe I got a plum head about 2 days ago it has a small amont of feathers and is so cute I don't know whether it is a girl or a boy yet but I need to know how not to let it bight it will sorta play and then night it's not sour but I know it will be when its older pls help and how do I teach it to talk thx 💙

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-12-07
    For a look at how to start training your bird, see handling and training on the Parakeet care page.
marg - 2015-11-14
I need urgent help from someone experienced with plum headed parrot breeding

Farzan Shahid - 2015-10-12
Hello! I am Farzan Shahid from Delhi i am interested in buying a female plum headed parakeet. If someone is interested in selling he or she could contact me on me

Sumit - 2015-02-18
I want to sell my male and female plum headed parakeet birds..

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  • patricia stover - 2015-03-08
    interested in female if you still have
  • shank - 2015-04-20
    hi sumit, where r u from and whats the price
  • Samrat Chakraborty - 2015-08-05
    My phone 9611214849 email - I am from Bangalore. Interested to buy Plum headed parakeets. Let me know the price. Thanks, Samrat Chakraborty
  • Kuldeep - 2015-09-07
    How much
Madhu - 2015-05-20
Hi,am Madhu..I want to sell my 8mont male plum headed parakeet, Anyone buy my parrot,so,contact -

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  • Bhagyalaxmi Sahu - 2015-05-29
    Hi. I am Bhagyalaxmi. I am interested to buy. Can you please let me know the price,gender of the pet,your place of stay of your pet. So that I can think over buying the pet. Kindly provide the above particulars' information. contact me in the below mail: Regards, Bhagyalamxi Sahu Hyderabad
Mike - 2015-02-28
I have a male plum headed parakeet for almost 3 years he is very tamed and gentle lately he does not stop screeching what can I do, I live in an apartment, it's too loud, thank You

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-02-28
    Often parrots will start to act out if they become bored, or get frustrated from things like too small a cage, lack of toys, or loneliness. Sometimes a keeper unintentionally encourages bad habits, so you need to look at your own behavior too, to make sure you're not actually rewarding the bird's bad behavior. Things like acknowledging the bad behavior by scolding or just letting the bird out of its cage so it will be quiet may simply be taken as a reward by the bird. The bird must learn that screaming is not the way to get what it wants. You must  have trust but must also establish yourself as the 'flock leader.' Things like making sure the bird is alway at a submissive height, no higher than your chest, so that you are in charge and not the bird, can help.
Leeanne - 2014-07-24
Hi Everyone, We had a beautiful male Plumhead Parrot named Jasper! We had just moved up the Sunshine Coast, Yandina, Qld. I think it was almost the end of 2013 at the time. We had only been there for about 3 weeks when Jasper flew away and being in a completely new area and lots and lots of trees for as far as you can see, he must of lost his bearings and never came back :-( :-( he was about 4 and a half years old and had him from a tiny little syringe fed baby!!! He use to mimic my family and myself. But loved hanging out with me all the time. He use to live in the house with us and also loved spending time outside in the trees with a couple of our other birds at the time. We MISS him so very much and hope to god that he was found safely!!!!! But would loved to find him and bring him home!!!!!! If anyone up the Sunshine Coast, Yandina way and have found our baby....we would LOVE to hear from you!!!!! I know it's a long shot but I've read so many stories where animals have been reunited with their owners and am praying this will happen with our 'Jasper'!!!!! Leeanne :-)