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   Bobby is a male Plum-headed parakeet. The Plum-headed female has a gray head and the male's head is grayish purple or plum colored... thus the name Plum-headed!
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Sandeep - 2018-05-24
I wanna pair

Sheila Canney - 2018-04-30
Looking to buy a FEMALE young plumhead parakeet. Give price as well and age of her. Email

bhavesh - 2016-01-05
I want to buy female plum headed parakeet within resonable price within mumbai mumbai cricle any one intrested give me rpy on my email id

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  • Kshitij - 2017-12-29
    I have a plum headed parakeet in kanpur contact me
  • Anonymous - 2018-01-01
    Do u hav a Contact number?
  • Pradip - 2018-02-02
    I m interested buying Plum pair. Pl. let me know.
  • Shammas - 2018-04-10
    I have a pair of parakeet for sale.Place:kerala contact me if anyone want
  • Abhishek Tripathy - 2018-04-16
    I am interested in a female plum headed parakeet because I have already have a male. Please let me know if its still available.
  • Gustava - 2018-04-16
    I’m having a rare Chameleon to sale due to work commitments, he’s an Elliot’s Chameleon which don’t grow as big as most other Chameleons.(229) 329-7088
hira - 2014-03-31
I have a pair of plum head parakeets. They both are very friendly with me because I am the only one to entertain them. They are very jolly and sometimes become a shouting monkey to get my attention. I love them. I have recently gotten a female parakeet for my mino (male parakeet). She in a few days has adjusted amazingly. But the problem here is that I don't know when they will breed? I want to become aunti of their kids. :) They play with each other and have an open environment, they go from one room to another. I have set some flowers and tree stumps to make my place look like a forest. But when will they breed? I am really worried. Please help me. Want to become aunti hira..

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  • pankaj holkar - 2014-05-18
    Hello no need to worry these are also like other birds and you are petting them. All you need is to provide them nesting boxes according to ther size and they get mature for mating after 3 years. Female will start spending time in a nestbox, that is the sign that she is ready to breed. And will allow male for sex. Remove all messes you have created in your house. They need their mood, their time and privacy. All you need is to provide them time.
  • Mudassir - 2018-02-13
    They will breed in their breeding season if they are grown up enough. female takes 1.5 years where as male requires about 3 years for final breeding. Also the unique mark on the wings of male parakeet is noticeably visible. i have housed a pair of plum headed parakeets and they are simply awesome birds.
Aaqib Ahemad - 2017-12-10
I want this.. female ..I have male parrot

Chelsea - 2010-03-17
At what age does a male plumhead get its full coloring in? I have found a lady how was a 10 month old male that i want to get but he has hardly no coloring. His head is a little grayish and the rest of him is green. Is this normal. How long do i have to wait for him to be beautiful!?

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  • David - 2010-08-30
    I have a mated pair of these birds, purchased when they were each about 1 year old. At about a year and a half, the male started molting into the purple head, and as of now at almost 2 years it is not complete. I would expect that by 1 1/2 years old you should start to see the black stripe and a little of the brighter color on the head. The red wing patches will also start to show up on a male at this time. It is very obvious to me as I have a certified female sitting right next to him, but the changes are very subtle at first. If the bird is older than this and no red on the wings, no black stripe and no start of a bright purple head, its probably a female. You can always get it sexed at a vet as well.
  • jjmj - 2011-05-23
    when they are 2 to 4 months
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-23
    It takes them at least a year to get their full coloring in. They have to go through their first major molt for all their new (and more colorful feathers) to come through. So let's say your little guy was born in March (breeding season). He would molt to some extent in August or so and then the following August would be his first major molt. So that would be almost 1 1/2 years. They shed their winter feathers(down) in the spring but the molt (where all new feathers come in occurs at the end of summer.
  • TIM - 2012-01-25
    It will take maybe a year or two.My plum head is 30 years old. If you would like to talk,7274085824. I'm Tim. They will eat almost every thing you will. Stay away from apple seeds,poison. Bell pepper seeds are great and they love them.
  • elizabeth - 2012-01-28
    I have a plumhead that is a year old that I thought was female but now I am not so sure because it is starting getting redish marks on its head so I am taking this as its a male instead of a female
  • shehroz - 2013-03-10
    dear in early age the colour of that bird is like or similar to female but after or on attaining maturity the male is turning to redish(purple) colour. you have male bird so donot be confuse
  • Anonymous - 2013-09-01
    The grey head means it's a female. Boys have the bright redish purple colored heads.
  • Rajasekar - 2013-11-14
    At what age Plum head start breeding
  • kizza - 2014-01-06
    They mature and can start breeding usually around 3 years of age.
  • Zoe - 2017-12-09
    I have some baby plum headed parakeets that have just been taken out of the box for hand rearing. 2 are fully green, and one has a grey-ish head. Which are males and which are females?
priyanka - 2016-05-15
I have plum head parrot for sell only 5500 my no 7841983386

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  • KAREN STILLINGS - 2016-05-31
    I am looking for a male plum head parakeet. Could you give me any information on where I could buy one.i live on Malabar FL.
  • farhan - 2016-07-05
    From which place are you . As I wnna buy it
  • Yuvaraj sakthivel - 2016-12-07
    Hello i have a female plum head... im looking for male one... so if any one have nale plum head contact me through my mail id "".. where are u frm... im in tamilnadu...
  • Stacy - 2017-05-30
    Karen, I am in Central Florida and I have a baby Male Plum Head. His hatch date is April 1st, 2017 and he is still on 3 feedings a day - - trying to transition to 2. Let me know if you are interested. :~) Here is my email address:
  • Gidge - 2017-08-15
    I am looking for a male plum head.. Was wondering if you have any
Kenneth Angliss - 2017-02-09
Hello my name is Kenneth Angliss My plum headed bird named Freddie died suddenly the other day. I miss him a lot! I am looking to purchase another male plum head like my freddie. phone no. 313 646 5560

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  • Stacy - 2017-05-30
    I have a baby male Plum Head - hatch date: April 1st, 2017, I live in Central Florida - if you are interested let me know. Sorry, I wont ship though. Here is my email address:
Rabi mitra - 2015-05-20
I want to sell my talking 8month male plum headed parrot...

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  • Linda roberts - 2015-06-21
    I'm looking for a male plum head parakeet to buy..I live in u raise to sell or know anyone who does.plz email me.
  • mohamad ali - 2015-06-27
    hi I have female im looking for male if anyone looking to sell a male I will buy it im from Windsor ont plzzzz I need amale asp
  • Samrat Chakraborty - 2015-08-05
    Hi , I am interested in buying your Plum headed parakeet. My number is 9611214849. email- please contact me. I am from Bangalore.
  • Barbara jenkins - 2016-08-04
    Im very interested in having a plun headed parakeet. Thank you 615 410 0711
  • Yuvaraj sakthivel - 2016-12-07
    Hello i have a female plum head... im looking for male one... so if any one have nale plum head contact me through my mail id ""
Gabriel - 2016-07-01
Hi I just newly got a baby plum headed parakeet from one of my friend. It started eating on it's own. May I know what kind of food can we give and is it ok if we keep the cage with us while the ac is on?